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Guillaume Laplane
Formé et accrédité enseignant des 5Rythmes® par Gabrielle Roth et son équipe.
Danseur et architecte, passionné et inspiré par la puissance bienveillante, créative et guérisseuse de chaque personne et chaque éléments de la nature.
Sa danse l’a amené à enseigner des stages internationalement et au coeur de sites naturels majestueux tels que le Desert Marocain, les plages de Corse et d’Ibiza, les paysages bruts de l’Islande et les forêt de Finlande.
Son enseignement est doux, clair, ouvert d’esprit et créatif, constituant une base sécure et inspirante pour le développement de notre relation à soi, aux autres et à nos environnements de vie.
Guillaume a collaboré en danse d’improvisation avec Anna Halprin & Marie Motais, en contact improvisation avec Manuela Blanchard, en méditation & Tantra avec Margot Anand, et en qualité d’eco-architecte indépendant en Suisse & France.
Guillaume Laplane inspires us through powerful movement explorations. He brings the 5Rhythms map in connection with mesmerising landscapes all over the world. With a soft, clear and open-minded style he invites us to connect to a dance that breaks the mould. Giving space to journeys that are true, honest and authentic.
Guillaume worked for 10 years in Switzerland & France as an independent eco-architect.
His dance journey started way earlier as a young adult with Classical and Contemporary Ballet, Tango Argentino and Contact Improvisation.
He discovered the 5Rhythms in 2002 and collaborated with the dancers and mentors Marie Motais and Anna Halprin, training in 2007 with Gabrielle Roth, his life journey gently moved toward a sharing the dance on a larger scale.
Guillaume has been sharing his passion for movement as a tool for growth over the past 12 years.
Working with the wild and human nature and the specific cultural traditions became the core of his research as a facilitator.
Guillaume Laplane (FR)  is a 5Rhythms® accredited teacher by Gabrielle Roth since 2007, member of the 5RTA Global.
Romy Tielman brings the feminine, creative touch to the Movement Retreats. Parallel to her career as a film director she developed a deep love to Movement practices. She moved to remote Australia to reconnect to her deeper aspirations. While living in an Aboriginal community for two years she discovered the real power of the mind-body connection. This, together with the invaluable wisdom and support of the elders, inspired her to develop and implement a Yoga and Well-being program for children and teenagers in several Aboriginal communities.
To deepen her knowledge, she studied IndigenousFocussing Oriented Therapy and Complex Trauma in New York. After graduating she now combines her expertise in Movement practices, Indigenous Healing and Film. During the
retreats, she offers tailored concepts, based on Movement practices rooted in Indigenous knowledge. web
Joyleen Rao deepens our experience of surrender, currently training as a 5Rhythms teacher. She shares her experience and sensitivity through sound healing, playing Singing Bowls and gongs.
Joyleen and Guillaume co-created the Move and Sound association in Geneva to offer high-quality dance and music events to the Swiss Community. web
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